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"Technological innovation" has become the eternal theme of the development of the company. East Asia Pharmaceutical focuses on the technological innovation and product development, and has established a professional research and development institution and research and development team, and also successively established Provincial Enterprise Research Institute of East Asia Pharmaceutical, Provincial Research Institute of Toho β-lactam Drugs, and established an independent research and development company - Shanghai Youshou Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Shanghai International Medical Park, with a doctoral talent-based key technological innovation team of Taizhou enterprise, thus providing a solid platform for continuous innovation of East Asia Pharmaceutical.

The company is equipped with advanced a compound laboratory with advanced equipment and preparations laboratory. The analysis and testing equipment use the world-class equipment, basically covering the test conditions, primary facilities and equipment required by the base transformation system from development and innovation of the laboratory → sample analysis and testing → workshop pilot amplification → results industrialization.