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East Asia Pharmaceutical regards safe production as the lifeline of the enterprise and regards environmental protection as the survival of the enterprise. It insists on the safety policy of "safety first, prevention prime, prevention and treatment integrated, comprehensive treatment, full participation and continuous improvement", and environmental policy of "discharge up to standard, energy saving, pollution prevention, sustainable development", implements the management model of "source control as a focus, process management as a means, and terminal handling as a guard", in order to achieve environmental objectives of "discharge of the company waste water and waste gas up to standard after treatment, 100% of solid waste standard treatment rate".

The company strictly implements EHS management system, establishes an independent EHS functional department, and has a professional team to be responsible for the effective operation of the system, and has achieved ISO14001 system, OHSAS18001 system certification certificate. The company has also established a long-term mechanism in the anti-theft, fireproof, anti-explosion, potential hazard identification, and dangerous goods storage management. The company attaches great importance to the health of employees, establishes employee health records, and regularly conducts occupational health examination. Be equipped with complete EHS facilities, and establish an emergency management system. "

Promote clean production, save energy and reduce consumption, reduce pollution and increase efficiency, control major risks, and protect health; Make efforts to achieve effective operation and continuous improvement of EHS management system.